Can’t we stop until these people are OK? Can’t we cut the crap?

Can’t we lose the Right – Left bullshit for a couple of days.

Can’t we keep  the sitting president and his entourage and secret service away so a tragic situation doesn’t become worse? He can be much more effective seeing to it that Federal resources are available to this area, these people.

Have people lost the ability to think, to stop and think?

Fifty inches of rain. That’s the equivalent of forty FEET of snow.

A major US city underwater and I see posts from Pete King about how he’ll vote for aid even though Ted Cruz didn’t for NY and Sandy.

Shut up.  All of you, shut the fuck up.  Right – Left – stop it.

We’ve lost sight that people are dying here.

Did anyone see the nursing home underwater?

Stop it.

These people need help. Way more help than NOLA got during Katrina.

Real help.

If you can’t help, at least have the decency to shut up and stay out of the way.

Cant we cut the crap and act like the Americans we so proudly and boldly claim to be?

4 thoughts on “Can’t we stop until these people are OK? Can’t we cut the crap?”

  1. Wouldn’t that be nice. A unified effort to help the people and animals that need every bit that can be given. I don’t know if the politicians can stop being self serving long enough. But with next years elections on their minds they may trample each other in an attempt to bank voter goodwill. That would be a good thing.
    Whatever they do, or don’t do, I hope helping those very real people in real trouble is the focus. And that the rest of the country doesn’t forget about the victims when the the media coverage fades.

  2. I am against partisan politics. When I do my job, I don’t ask people if they are republican or democrat. They are people. People who need help. And I do my best to do my job to the best of my training and abilities. Washington need to do the same thing. It doesn’t matter who voted for whom or what. Fuck platforms. Do what your heart knows is right, and let’s get some help to those who need it. Let’s start taking care of our own!

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