Hot fiery nuclear death, not what I had planned at this stage in life. I was hoping to open a bicycle shop…

Nuclear war, any day, for several reasons.

I’ve been reading about the interconnected complexities of the world economy that rest on the shoulders of these two idiots, Trump and Kim.

China, South Korea, Russia all have a take, a position, a stake in this game. Putin – go ahead and hate him, I do, but at least he takes some time to examine the situation, not simply run his mouth – says the situation may be unsolvable. His economy in the north is very closely tied to North Korea.

The fiery death will probably happen on the Korean Peninsula. Our biggest risk is the power grid, which is highly vulnerable. The long-term effects of that threat will be devastating. Think about a nationwide power outage lasting months. Within a week food supplies dry up, riots and looting will be the law. Every dime most of us have is nothing but ones and zeros spinning on plates of rust on some hard drive somewhere out in “the cloud”. No power, no cloud. Congratulations, your life savings is gone.

North Korea announced today this is a plan of theirs.  Experts suggest “upgrading the infrastructure so this risk is diminished…” Idiots – I bet they go to the hardware store during a blizzard looking for shovels too.

I’ve read the threat to the economy will make the crash of ’07 look like a blip.

Millions of people could die. The nuclear monster finally unleashed… and it rests in the hands of two deeply insecure, thin skinned, man-boys with no regard for human life. Self-centered, self-impressed cowards who have lived their own lives seeking some kind of recognition.

Trust me, being the asshole who blew up the world will get you name emblazoned on cave paintings for millennia to come.

But, on a happier note a cat 5 hurricane – not caused by climate change – is about to consume Florida..



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