Hurricane Irma – Florida


My baby girl and her girls and her husband, my sister, friends of family. Friends… people I have never met, but I speak with almost daily. All Floridians, from Miami to FloBama.

I just got a message from my sister. It was chilling. She’s in the south, close to Miami. Store shelves empty since Tuesday, no gas, roads jammed and stopped.

I hope I see my sister again. I hope I hear from her soon.

I love watching the governor, in his little baseball cap, telling people “evacuate” – exactly where and how?

This is certainly not his fault, I just think at this point screaming evacuate is futile and may be deadly. I just told my sister she’d be better off in her house than wide open on the highway, out of gas. I guess…

There is no place to go.

The cold reality that nature is bigger more powerful  and perhaps angrier than anything we have at our disposal.

It’s easy to sit here in the north and tell people what they should do. Then someone texts a picture of the local Target store and it looks like a looting scene, and that was Tuesday, before panic set in.

There are still places in my beloved New Orleans that are boarded up twelve years after. Out in the districts. Plywood with numbers spray painted on them. I know what the numbers mean.

I really don’t want to see plywood spray painted with big orange numbers in Florida.

Thoughts and prayers, to me, in 2017, seems almost an insult. We think and pray about cancer. We think and pray when yet another dead addict is found. We think and pray about the daily mass shootings.

Doesn’t seem to do a whole lot of good…

Helpless and deeply concerned is the gut feeling of the day for me. Kind of staggering to realize that so many people close to me have moved south.

Be safe, my homies. Please let me know you are ok.



One thought on “Hurricane Irma – Florida”

  1. Mother Nature is fierce. To most people in this country she is, at worse, an inconvenience . We go about our our lives
    with little regard for the damage we do to the planet and the amazing creatures on it. We humans think we’re in charge. And then she stamps her foot.
    This should be a wake up call to the climate change deniers. But profit and power will be the only voice they listen to. Nothing is too risky. Not drilling in the Artic and Caribbean. Not fracking and tar sand pipelines. Not weapon testing that triggers quakes. And not to two childish leaders playing chicken with nukes.
    Maybe the Goddess is getting tired of all the bullshit. Tired of humans thinking they’re at the top of the ladder. An earthquake and four hurricanes, two of them the biggest ever in our corner of the world, in just the last three weeks should tell us that we may be running out of time to do anything that will help. If we don’t listen this wonderful planet will shake us off, wash us away and then go about the business of healing herself.
    Bill, I hope your family and friends come through this one ok. I’m afraid it’s just the start.

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