We have reached the point where we have absolutely no bottom.

We have reached the point where we have absolutely no bottom.

We debate if pedophiles and predators have a right to serve in the Senate.

We have a criminal in the White House, his tax returns are so toxic they need to be housed in a special safe within the IRS.

This has never happened before. It should not be happening now.

I was never in love with Obama, but the other day I heard some troll call him “odummer”

A) It’s “dumb”, not “dum”

B) The man, Obama, taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago. Please show some respect.

Start with self-respect. Parroting childish nonsense from Fox News OR CNN, for that matter, serves no one, it just works to divide us.

I voted for Hillary for one reason. She wasn’t trump. I did not like her or respect her. Her only qualification for me was she was not trump.

Not being something should not be a qualifier for the job of leader of the free world.

For the record, the President of the United States no longer serves in that role. We are the laughing stock of the world.

People seem to talk and post and tweet all day every day about the crisis this country now suffers. There is certainly passion. How has this happened? How do we pull out of this nosedive? Can we? Is it too late?

Every time we cross a new line, every time we go where sensibility and decorum have never before allowed us to go, we lose a little more of what it used to mean to be an American. What America used to be. What we used to stand for.

Free speech, free press, the middle class, all are under attack every single day.

They feed us shit sandwiches and we thank them and eat it.

We have never been more divided as a nation. We have taken sides defending people and positions that are simply, profoundly indefensible.

Our division does not serve us. It serves them.

We have got to stop defending the absurd or we will, as a nation, the nation as we know it, with the freedoms we enjoy, the first amendment freedoms, cease exist.

As we watch the daily, the absurdity that is Congress is working around the clock to take our freedoms away.

Just last week they passed a law making it illegal to sue financial institutions. That happened while we were busy watching Donnie Sore Feets cuddle up to Duarte and Putin at the Asia summit.

Pay attention to what is really happening. The unthinkable is happening!

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