Sandy Hook, dead babies, NRA and the 115th Congress

I had an interesting conversation with my daughter last night.

First, she asked me why I still talk to and entertain some of the right wing, NRA, Trump supporters. I told her that I believe that there is still something to be learned from these guys, that you can’t isolate yourself in a bubble and only talk to like-minded people and ever expect to learn anything or ever expect to cause any kind of change.

That said, I also had to admit that it is really frustrating to try and understand how intelligent people can fall for this dog and pony show.

I have one friend, he is the only one who has ever explained his position to me clearly, he didn’t give me a bunch of FOX News soundbites, he gave me facts and reason. I respect facts and reason.

Then my daughter said something profound it is still resonating with me now 12 hours later:

“If we didn’t get any sensible gun control, any sensible gun regulation out of Sandy Hook, where babies were murdered two weeks before Christmas, do you really expect to get any now?”

We are being murdered on the streets and churches, and concerts and movie theaters and no one who has the power to do anything gives a flying fuck. They won’t until one of theirs gets taken out. Even then the power of money may still win out. Two members of Congress, Gabby Gifford, and Steve Scalise have been shot, but that sweet gun lobby money seems more powerful.

If dead babies don’t get these assholes to wake up, I don’t know what will.

3 thoughts on “Sandy Hook, dead babies, NRA and the 115th Congress”

  1. Dead babies… meh. Maybe if there was a fetus involved. But already born kids don’t count.
    Neither do the 2 grandparents, 2 parents and 4 kids from one family that were killed on Sunday, along with all the others in that Texas church. Slaughtered by a white guy born in this country. Like all those in Vegas. They count less than the money and power of the gun lobby, the NRA. An immigrant that kills with a truck in NYC has more value as political currency than all the babies murdered in a school.
    ‘They’ say it’s a mental health issue. That guns don’t kill people . People kill people. But the funding for mental heath care is cut over and over.
    The assholes give lip service to the dead. They give condolences to the families of the massacred. What they don’t give is a flying fuck.

  2. The old adage goes, “when they outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have guns”. I work in a profession that proves that, if someone wants a gun, they can get a gun. I’ve seen it over and over again. You hear people say that we need tougher gun laws and mental health backgrounds. We have gun laws, but, yet, people who aren’t supposed to possess guns are still getting guns and killing other people. There is nothing on a gun resistration application that asks for the results of a mental health test. Some of the killers of late, other than posting stuff on social media (that, yeah, should have been taken more seriously), ever seemed to have a mental health issue. And now you’ve got a country divided, and whack jobs from other nations recruiting lost, fucked up people, because they have lost all faith in this country, adding to the mess with their propaganda.
    You can have all the gun laws in the world, thought up by the most genius braintrusts, and the people who can’t legally buy and possess guns, will be the ones buying and possessing guns. Gun shops aren’t the only places to obtain firearms. A person can go to any back alley and get whatever they want – no questions asked and no background checks. Or just break into a house and take theirs. If they want them, they will have them!

    1. Jim, I cannot argue with one word. I don’t claim to have an answer. I think, I hope, we can all agree something has to be done.

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