Khrushchev was right…

When I was a kid, existing in the constant shadow of the evil Soviet empire, I used to wonder how people could live like that.

I used to wonder what it must be like to live under a totalitarian regime.

A government that simply flat out didn’t care at all about its citizens. People were fuel to the machine.  Those in power did what they wanted when they wanted with impunity. They killed off their enemies.

You were either up on the winning side, or you end up in the gulag.

I look at this tax scam. I look at the J20 on trial for exercising free speech.

Suddenly I realize Khrushchev was right.

I realize the only hope this country has is an opposition party that is only marginally better than the ruling party. They can be bought too.

I watch alliances swap daily, one is as twisted and greedy and evil as the next.

One day it’s Schumer and Pelosi ripping trump to shreds. The next day its “Chuck and Nancy” in the White House.

It did happen here…

It was always here, behind the veil. The 50,000 kids murdered in Vietnam for no goddamn reason knew it.

Malcolm X knew it. Bobby Seale knew it. Ali knew it.

It’s time we stopped waiting for them to represent us. It’s time we knew it too.

More and more I see the writing on the wall. It’s going to be bloody and ugly; the illusion is dead. We’d better be ready to for this. The slop they are slinging is no longer acceptable.

The time to talk this through may well have passed.

Sadly, they have the tanks and the armies and the F-16s. We gave them that…

we voted for it…

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