Kelly Ann and Samantha Bee

Watching TV the other night – why I still do this I’ll never fully understand – I was dozing listening to Samantha Bee rant.

I realized that she is to the far left what Kelly Ann is to the far right.

I watch Samantha and Kelly Ann with the same level of disconnected amusement and fear.

They both have jobs, messages to spread.

I think we all really need to meet in the middle. That’s where the good and the work gets done. That’s where things get fixed.

We have become so far right or so far left nothing makes any sense.

I see Fox News lies and propaganda and you flip over to CNN and see the same lies and propaganda with a different spin.

For year’s I’ve watched Al Jazzeera News. Not because I’m a radicalized middle eastern terrorist, or want to be, simply for another perspective from a part of the world that matters. From a perspective that doesn’t have some ultra-right ultra-left garbage to sell.

I’m sure they are full of crap too.

I hope these years we find ourselves in now are the end of the madness and not the beginning of the end.

I hope that in 2020 we can reject the insanity of the mid twenty-teens and find the middle, common ground again.

It’s as if we have all – all of us – embraced and accepted the absurd.

We need the middle or we aren’t going to survive as a nation.

In my lifetime was a world where the views of Republican moderates like Eisenhower and Democratic moderates like Kennedy co-existed.

It amazes me every time I hear or read Ike’s farewell address that these were the words of a Republican – warning us of the dangers of the military-industrial complex.

His words were prophetic. We are living in that world today and we are closer than ever to fascism.

I talk about fascism all the time. Most people can’t even be bothered to google it. They’d rather be entertained.

We are allowing ourselves to be entertained by dangerous people with an agenda.

This freak show has got to end.

It has to or we are done.

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