line at the grocery store and assorted patriots

Standing in line at the grocery store. A young woman with three young kids, panicking because she was $5 short buying groceries. It looked like food for her kids, not cigarettes and booze and movie tickets and the things  Senator Grassley thinks poor people spend money on – frivolously…

I gave her $10, she cried and thanked me.

I don’t know why she was crying. The Dow just hit 25,000.

I’m talking to these guys last week, bringing home $350 a week, drowning in credit card debt. 10-year-old car with bad brakes, no health insurance, hungry kids, and misery.

Damn near standing and saluting. Damn near worship, saying “yes sir, Mr. President.”

For the record, I’ll worship no man. Not today, not any day.

Like Brother Marvin said, “Make me wanna holler, way you do my life…”

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