Maybe this is who we really are…

Maybe the truth is trump is who we are. Maybe Joe Kennedy and his flowery rhetoric is the lie, the lie we have all believed and believed in all our lives.

The lie was our hope. Our hope was the lie.

Maybe the ugliness of trump, his words, the lack of truth and integrity, his hatred of those not like him; maybe that is who we really are.

Maybe it isn’t America first, maybe it’s really me first.

Maybe Dr. King was the lie. Maybe we don’t give a shit about the content of a man’s character we care about his net worth.

Since last January 21st. I’ve had these thoughts. As I’ve watched trump and the fascists in Congress, now free to run unbridled, I’ve thought, many times, this is who we are. This is exactly who we are, free of the trappings of the illusion.

Joe Kennedy talked a good line. Pretty words. It made me want to pound my chest, but I know that isn’t who we are.

I heard a funny line from my cousin yesterday, “truth decay.” I’ve heard term “permanent decline.”

I’ve heard “permanent decline,” a lot…

Paul Ryan throwing around the word “cleansing” and no one bats an eye… does he even understand what that word has represented in the past century.

Fascists talking about “cleansing”

To be honest, it’s good for me to see these scumbags, all of them, exactly who and what they are.

Don’t think for a minute they’d not have us walking in chains were it not for a handful of protections held together by the illusion. Just give them time. Daily, behind the scenes, behind the dance of the clown, those protections are being torn down.

These fascists have always been here, campers, they are just out now, slithering in the sun and proudly running their game.

We lose…

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