#MAGA – Treason pisses Americans off. It should piss you off too. People, a lot of good people, fought and died for your right to support this fascist. Sadly, it appears they died in vain.

If you are ok with money laundering and corruption and Cambridge Analytica and emoluments and porn stars and pussy grabbing and endless lying and alternate facts and “fake news,” – everything that’s not on Fox News is “fake news” –

more collusion and blackmail and Russian tampering with our elections and the KKK and White Supremacy – then he’s your guy.

His own Secretary of State called him “a fucking moron.”

Obama was a politician, that’s what they do. I’m not excusing, it’s just a fact.

So was Bush II and Clinton and Bush 1 and Reagan and Carter and Ford and Nixon and LBJ and JFK and IKE and Truman and FDR and on and on.

This fascist pig is not in any way presidential. He is a threat to everything we have held dear for longer than I’ve been alive.

You have every right – no thanks to people like trump – to support anyone you like. I hope you also enjoy the shit storm headed our way if this pig and his entire regime stay in office.

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