Tan Suit

‪Forget all of the indecipherable layers of bullshit of the past 1 year and 45 days.

Forget all that…

If Obama had done ONE of these things, just one – one – The House would have had impeachment proceedings in a day.

Jesus, they raised Hell when he wore a tan suit. ‬

trump tells Russia top military secrets.

He refuses to issue sanctions when even he admits that nation tampered with our election process. A process often called “our most sacred right.”

He has porn stars with information held over his head.

He is reckless – at best – with the economy.

Thinks nuclear war is winnable.

He has, and is daily, systematically allowing the protections to citizens, and lands – irreplaceable national treasures – to be taken down.

trump is so owned by and scared of the NRA it is laughable, almost a caricature.

So owned by foreign investors, by big pharma, again, he’s a caricature standing up there wagging his mouth.

trump has already increased the national debt to the point it is equal to the GDP.

But Obama wore a tan suit and that outraged Fox News.

I need one of 45’s supporters – just one – to explain to me how one – just one – of the above mentioned articles is ok. Not even presidential, just ok…

I’m going to go way,way out on a limb here and suggest it has more to do with the skin color of the guy in the tan suit than anyone’s politics or policies..

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