We gave it away to the grifters…

They all fall right? The Roman Empire fell, The British Empire fell. Why not this dodgy little empire.

I always figured it would in time. Maybe when my grandkids – kids were grown. The glue of the great American Experiment would have dried and cracked and the structure holding it up would collapse to the ground.

I didn’t think it would happen so soon.

75 years after the greatest generation kicked Hitler and Hideki Tojo’s ass

50 years after we went to the moon

Lawless and cowardly men are elected and appointed to protect and enforce the laws of this land.

Con men and grifters with no relationship whatsoever with the truth are given truly profound power and it’s used for personal gain.

A marginalized and increasingly angry population who calls themselves Christians support the most un-Christlike causes and turn a blind eye because these con men and grifters give them a voice. And these people swarm to the voting booth while the good and thoughtful liberals stay home and watch the results in disbelief.

There was a sense, a very real and palpable sense, not that long ago where the future held greatness. We were moving forward. The Great Society of the ‘60’s, set out to eliminate racial injustice. Christian Barnard replaced a human heart. Men walked on the moon and we looked toward Mars and beyond.

We were ablaze!

Somewhere, I lived through it, I sensed it, it was subtle, but I felt it, that greatness was lost. A facade was put up. Men, far from great, far from strong, far from morally sound rose up and took claim to the greatness and twisted it and prostituted it and ruined it.

They ruined it to the point where what was once beautiful shining diamond of civilization and awe-inspiring; a fountain of ever growing pride took on the airs and graces of cheap costume jewelry.

Don’t look too closely behind the curtain now. All you will see is the rubble and chaff. The crisp and clean and shining colors have turned an ugly gray. Damp and molded, perhaps from the flood used to put out the fire.

We lost it, or worse we gave it away.

We entrusted it to the grifters.

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