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Its all good, bro


1919 — Jack Dempsey fights Jess Willard to eventually win the heavyweight title. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Sitting across from you, that smile.

How does someone fill a hospital room beyond capacity, every day? Standing room only.

People moving out of the way to allow passage near your chair, where you hold court.

Some of us are simply your jesters. Joking, trying to keep it light while inside we all crash to the ground.

You are a magnet. You’ve always been a magnet. Continue reading Its all good, bro

we gave up

I think we should stop arresting people for drunk driving. People are going to drive drunk anyway, what’s the point in trying to regulate it.

And pedophiles, what is the big deal with pedophiles. A guy wants to look at a little kiddy-porn, Fuck a couple of nine-year-olds and everybody loses their minds.

Cancer, why fight cancer? Doctors and researchers have been fighting cancer forever. People are still going dying from cancer.

Heroin? Heroin has been around for thousands of years, what’s the big deal. Some people die, what’s the big fucking deal? People die crossing the street every day too but we don’t ban buses. Heroin doesn’t kill people, people with rigs hanging from their veins kill people.

Like Bill O’Reilly said, This is just the cost of being free.

At some point in the past decade, we completely gave up.

What has become the norm in America, what is become acceptable in America, makes me want to fucking puke

It does take a village to make me seem less a jerk

Calvin-WritingI had no idea at the outset of this writing experiment the level of help and support I would need. I was 3/4 of the way through writing my first book when I felt the chilling reality – What do I do with this mess?

People have no idea that the book publishing industry is so flooded with snake oil salesmen, flat out crooks and general creeps. It makes Washington DC look like a boy scout jamboree and  a Mensa meeting.

You could spend your life savings and get nothing but empty promises and dead ends.

I have been fortunate beyond words to have stumbled – literally lost and stupid – onto some really great people. If you ever venture into the swamp I’d recommend you reach out to these guys.

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It used to be huge


It used to be huge. Everything was huge. She didn’t have a party, she had events. Summer parties for a hundred of her closest friends and food and drinks for two hundred. If you were her friend you were a close friend.

The circle was huge.

There were no simple acquaintances.

Ringing the cow bell from the car, for every mile of a 200 mile bike race. And laughing. Laughing and ringing that bell for 14 hours. Every time she saw me she’d yell, “you got this bro…” Every time. Continue reading It used to be huge

Hurricane Irma – Florida


My baby girl and her girls and her husband, my sister, friends of family. Friends… people I have never met, but I speak with almost daily. All Floridians, from Miami to FloBama.

I just got a message from my sister. It was chilling. She’s in the south, close to Miami. Store shelves empty since Tuesday, no gas, roads jammed and stopped.

I hope I see my sister again. I hope I hear from her soon. Continue reading Hurricane Irma – Florida

Hot fiery nuclear death, not what I had planned at this stage in life. I was hoping to open a bicycle shop…

Nuclear war, any day, for several reasons.

I’ve been reading about the interconnected complexities of the world economy that rest on the shoulders of these two idiots, Trump and Kim.

China, South Korea, Russia all have a take, a position, a stake in this game. Putin – go ahead and hate him, I do, but at least he takes some time to examine the situation, not simply run his mouth – says the situation may be unsolvable. His economy in the north is very closely tied to North Korea. Continue reading Hot fiery nuclear death, not what I had planned at this stage in life. I was hoping to open a bicycle shop…

Can’t we stop until these people are OK? Can’t we cut the crap?

Can’t we lose the Right – Left bullshit for a couple of days.

Can’t we keep  the sitting president and his entourage and secret service away so a tragic situation doesn’t become worse? He can be much more effective seeing to it that Federal resources are available to this area, these people.

Have people lost the ability to think, to stop and think?

Fifty inches of rain. That’s the equivalent of forty FEET of snow.

A major US city underwater and I see posts from Pete King about how he’ll vote for aid even though Ted Cruz didn’t for NY and Sandy.

Shut up.  All of you, shut the fuck up.  Right – Left – stop it.

We’ve lost sight that people are dying here.

Did anyone see the nursing home underwater?

Stop it.

These people need help. Way more help than NOLA got during Katrina.

Real help.

If you can’t help, at least have the decency to shut up and stay out of the way.

Cant we cut the crap and act like the Americans we so proudly and boldly claim to be?



I got too many tickets. Most are speeding tickets. Being an entitled, old white guy it usually ends up a reduced fine where the court gets the money, and I get no points.

This is no joke money if you ever sit in one of these kangaroo courts and do the math. This is a business. Big money generating business.

Most people, myself included, are happy to get some kind of “parking ticket”. Parking too close to a fire hydrant was the crime of the day in the East Fishkill court last week.

Some guys get $50 tickets, some gets $75, some get $100… Me? I topped the charts at $225. That was one Hell of a bad parking job. My bad.

$225 is better than a million points, and I deserved it. I was 30 mph over 55.

A speed limit of 55 mph is stupid, I fall asleep at 55, but that’s not the point. Continue reading A DAY IN COURT