Upcoming Events

  1. Want to book author William Lobb for a book signing or talk? Contact william.lobb@me.com

Bill is available for signings, author readings, and to speak on today’s critical addiction issues.

September 9th  – Come out and meet Mike Hoard, Christina Cameron-Robinz,  Sandi Bischoff, Gerrit Overeem, Marianne Kasica Sciucco and me at the Montgomery Book Exchange -13 Union St.- General Montgomery Day – Montgomery NY, 12549 1pm to 4pm

Please visit Mike’s , Christina’s , Marianne’s  and Sandi’s websites. They are really good writers, they let me hang out, maybe one day some of it will rub off…





Updated Schedule:

1-12 Sandi Bischoff

12-1 Gerrit Overeem

1-2 Christina Cameron-Robinz

2-3 Michael Hoard

3-4 William Lobb

4-5 Marianne Kasica Sciucco




Author of The Third Step, now available!