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everybody has a backstory

In 1978 while tripping on acid and jacked way up on white crosses and tequila, singing Lynyrd Skynard’s “Freebird”, in possession, at the time, a respectably sized cache of unmarked firearms and various and assorted controlled substances – I found myself pissing in the parking lot of Turf’s Tavern, Middletown, trying to write my name in the snow.

In retrospect, I should have gone with “Bill”, “William” is way hard to write and I always forget to dot the “I”.

To any passersby who saw me expose my junk I sincerely apologize.

My point is to absolutely not make light or give a pass to anyone whose past behavior has caused anyone, male or female, to feel threatened or compromised.

These individuals should be held accountable for their actions, from trump to Weinstein to Spacey to Franken to whoever comes out today.

My point is you had better make damn sure your own backstory is spotless before you climb that soapbox and claim the moral authority.

I know myself and from where I come. I want no part of that soapbox. For all the harm i’ve caused, I am truly sorry.


Sandy Hook, dead babies, NRA and the 115th Congress

I had an interesting conversation with my daughter last night.

First, she asked me why I still talk to and entertain some of the right wing, NRA, Trump supporters. I told her that I believe that there is still something to be learned from these guys, that you can’t isolate yourself in a bubble and only talk to like-minded people and ever expect to learn anything or ever expect to cause any kind of change. Continue reading Sandy Hook, dead babies, NRA and the 115th Congress


Funny, he still sits there, just outside the door, crouched down patiently waiting.

His patience is exhausting; some days, most days, all days. You can never let your guard down, I can never let my guard down.

He loves the anger, and rage. He loves the fight, the feeling and the snap of the broken bone. He loves defeat more than victory. He has a place in both, but in defeat he seems more of a friend.

Peace is a dangerous illusion, a shell game.

Watch for him on the high days, beware of him on the low days. It’s ok, I know you by name, you and I have been in this dance a long, long time.

The only truth in this alliance is the second I think you are not real, the second I think I’ve won, you’ll be there welcoming me back home.

Twenty-four years don’t count. Knowing that there is a handful or reds and quart of cheap vodka, plastic bottle, with my name on it is all that matters

Not today, bitch.

AMAZON SUCKS- How to leave a review – preferably at Barnes and Noble or Goodreads.

I really want this to appear on my author feed on Amazon as AMAZON SUCKS. Because their review policies SUCK. I had legitimate reviews that were up for almost a year – good fricken reviews – pulled, because, well…


That said, that AMAZON SUCKS

Here is how to leave a review on Good Reads and Barnes and Noble. You can try to leave one on Amazon too, BUT THEY SUCK!

Amazon (which SUCKS!)
Go to Amazon and search by author name. Seems better than title

Original link: (example my book)

remove the junk after “1619844826/”

Use this: (example my book)

Notify the author the day or next after you post. Reviews are VERY important. If I do not see it within 3-5 days I need to call Amazon and complain. This last step is useless, because, wait for it…


Barnes and Noble – a company that  actually supports authors though local events, reading and signings can and will get you the same exact content, except they don’t SUCK like AMAZON. (have I mentioned that AMAZON SUCKS?)

Fairly simple. You do need an account. You don’t need to have purchased the book there.

Click on post a review – in my case, be the first to write a review –
You do need an account – you don’t need a credit care. Account info is name, email, etc. very simple. You have 3500 characters allowed for a review.

Good Reads:
Again, you need an account.
Search for book
under the image, you’ll see stars. Select the number of stars – that will cause a pop-up “write a review”
it’s that simple, write the review and save it.


Some men need a king…

It’s all about emasculation. These emasculated men, long abandoned by their cocks, scared of women and bosses and vaginas, look to the bombastic to live some kind of life through them vicariously.

Look to the one who grabs the pussy, who talks tough, who says the outrageous and lies with abandon, and gets away with it, he’s like Teflon. He gets people, powerful people to kneel down and kiss the ring.

And these men, limp dicks in hand yell, “yeah, what he said!! Yeah!! That’s what I’m saying! Yeah!”

Some men, some sad men, fearful and fear-filled men, need a king.


So… in August 2017 Putin-Russia got into a deal with the corrupt Niger government. The deal was to provide Russia cheap oil in exchange for protection from ISIS and other forces that would upend this sexy money tree.

Putey called his lap dog, trump, and somehow, almost magically, US forces were on the ground there and four American servicemen died under horrible circumstances and were left to lay there dead for days.

Word from the White House and Congress and this dick – pictured above – in case you don’t recognize him that’s Trey BENGHAZI Gowdy – crickets.

Patriot Trey, Ignoring the 13 embassy attacks under Bush that killed 60 Americans to paint BENGHAZI!!!!!!!! as the single worst event in American history has yet nothing to say about Niger…

What about this, oh fearless patriot leader?

Where is the moral outrage?


Where Trey?

PLEASE TWITTER BOMB THIS FUCK and ask him, where is the outrage! Where is the $28 million investigation? Where are the endless hearings?

Oh, Trey?


Maybe its Hillary’s fault, Trey? Better check her email!!


Thank you @DWJensen63 for NIGERGATE and NIGERGHAZI

triple witching day


Some days I forget that I’m a raging addict. This many years into this project it’s easy to forget how close that line between sanity and insanity really is. It’s easy to forget the line moves, every second of everyday.

Using is not simply about stumbling and falling and slurring words, that’s fun fucked-up. That’s what bridesmaids do at weddings after too much white wine and champagne.

Using is crossing the line. Continue reading triple witching day

Same as it ever was…

People talking to me a lot about end times, recently. Fires and floods and hurricanes and earthquakes. “Morons” with their fingers on the nuclear buttons.

These conversations make me realize I need, at the very least, a basic belief system to imagine there could be an end times. My belief system is wrecked beyond repair. I feel abandoned by the religion I was raised in. I see so much hate and wrong.

How do you vote against health insurance for children? How do you take away Medicaid from the elderly? How do you not care for soldiers after they come home blown apart, or oppose food stamps for hungry kids? How do you allow pharmaceutical companies to write health care law while 60,000 addicts will die in the US – THIS YEAR, and then sell yourself as a Christian nation? Continue reading Same as it ever was…